When Can You Start?
In this must-have book for job seekers, I share with you insider tips, hints, and secrets for acing any job interview.

The most exhaustive, best researched book about job interviewing, filled with insights and research.

Jean-Louis GasséeGeneral PartnerAllegis Capital

I’ve seen a lot of career advice books in my three decades as corporate recruiter and career coach, but none of them were such fun to read. When Can You Start? is chock-a-block with great tips weaved into a narrative that is engaging and enlightening. Freiberger covers everything a job seeker needs to know to be a successful job candidate in clear, shimmering prose. He demystifies the interview process and reveals the thinking behind newer interview techniques, such as the so-called Google-type interview, that have unnerved job seekers recently. If you’re looking to successfully navigate today’s competitive job market, you need this book.

Tom BallantyneChief Career CatalystPaths & Bridges

Noted technologist Alan Kay said, ‘Perspective is worth 80 IQ points.’ Freiberger brings just such perspective with this fresh, highly engaging book. Ranging from millennia past to the latest in social media, the text draws from Freiberger’s experiences as celebrated Silicon Valley historian, journalist, researcher, and consultant to large companies and individuals alike. Whether the reader is 18, 38, or 58, you will finish all the wiser from Freiberger’s counsel.

Brygg UllmerAssociate ProfessorLousiana State University

This book is powerful and expertly researched. Packed with interview advice you need to get your next job. Learn the right way to network and do informational interviews, how to handle “ambush” interviews, what to do with your phone during an interview, the right and wrong answers to “What are your weaknesses?”, and how to negotiate salary. And who knew that, not unlike dating, it turns out there’s some pretty good advice on when you should or shouldn’t make a follow-up call after an interview and when you can send a thank-you note? A fun read, this book both tastes good and is good for you.

Larry KramerPresident and PublisherUSA Today

There are gems of wisdom packed into the sections on how to answer behavioral interview questions, how to succeed in a panel interview, and how to anticipate sensitive and challenging questions. The principles and practices discussed in this book will help the job seeker turn the interview from an interrogation into a conversation.

Marcia G. RhodesDirector of Public RelationsWorldatWork

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